Plain Bearings

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Manufacturing and distributing plain bearings for 4-stroke diesel engines is one of the core competences of Carl Baguhn Hamburg (CBH). We also fabricate plain bearings, journal bearings and plain bearing bushes in bimetallic and trimetallic for shipbuilding and industry.

Plain bearings from the original manufacturers (OEM) – in stock ready for delivery.

In our warehouse we hold a very extensive range of plain bearings in both standard and special sizes, e.g. main bearings, connecting rod bearings, axial/radial bearings, camshaft bearings, bearing bushes, small-end bearings and thrust rings from the original manufacturers (OEM) and from Carl Baguhn’s own production in original (OEM) quality for medium-speed diesel engines, ready for delivery on demand at short notice.

Plain bearing fabrication – fast and precise

One-offs or small batches, we fabricate standard size and over / undersize plain bearings made of metal quickly and precisely. All types from collar bearings, axial/radial and guide bearings, main bearings, connecting rod bearings, float bearings, step bearings and camshaft bearings to deep-groove bearings, small-end bearings and thrust rings – we are the professionals for all kinds of plain bearings and their matching components. Our plain bearings are available as tri-metal bearings (steel/lead-bronze/galvanic) or bi-metal bearings (steel/aluminium).

Special sizes and custom-fabricated plain bearings

As well as standard and regular undersize bearings, Carl Baguhn Hamburg also specialises in the manufacture of thin-wall plain bearings with external diameters from 100 to 500 mm. We can also supply you ex stock with oversize and undersize plain bearings from many well-known manufacturers in the standard increments or special sizes you require. In addition we produce special custom-fabricated bearings based on a sample plain bearing. Carl Baguhn Hamburg also fabricates and reconditions white-metal plain bearings by the casting process and by the centrifugal process, e.g. for stern tube, pedestal bearing and generator bearing applications.

Oversize and undersize plain bearings from the original manufacturers (OEM)

Suitable for the following engine makers:

Repair and service for all your plain bearings

Repairing machines instead of buying new conserves your resources and finances. The complete renewal of plain bearings is not always necessary or possible. That’s why we offer you precise reconditioning of plain bearings that are in need of repair – provided, of course, they are in a repairable state. Our core competences also include grinding/polishing and machining 4-stroke crankshafts and lineboring bearing blocks. In fact Carl Baguhn developed lineboring himself and it has proved itself a thousand times over up to the present day.

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